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Our Story


Fractal Tree is a project that was born from the passion for musical experiments. Combines such diverse genres like trip hop, jazz, IDM, ambient and rock, proving that alternative music can be accessible.


The band was formed in November 2005 and a year later received an award in the international composition competition „Crash!", organized by the "Zachęta" Contemporary Art Association. Jury appreciate 18-minute post-modern piece „Mannequin shop”.


Fractal Tree moves in the area of ​​broadly defined electronic music, while maintaining the fully alive band at the gigs. Group has performed with symphony orchestra and collaborated with guests (string orchestra Philharmonic in Szczecin, Envee, Łukasz Górewicz, Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, Jona Ardyn, Julia Kępisty, Patrycja Kowalska, Adam Dziewiałtowski-Gintowt). Project has performed at festivals Inspiration, Digitalia, Summer Contrast, United Szczecin. Fractal Tree is also known from theater performances, provoking the audience to broaden their horizons (including the play "Heartcore" and evenings of experimental art ART.AKT with a creative group Krata Eon).


Fractal Tree Project was responsible for composition commencin "European Championships in swimming” in 2011, and music for multimedia performances Freedom Symphony and „Dzieci Przełomu”. Project composed music for the play "The Mystery of Lunitka - Journey to the End of childhood" co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


In August 2013 in publishing Fonografika, the band released album titled "Early Works". This is a record of musical exploration of the first five years of creation. In April 2014 was the premiere of a music video for the newest song „Criminal”, which got a main prize of the competition for "Best Video in West-pomerania 2014".


In October, 2015. Fractal Tree project presented at the Philharmonic in Szczecin new installment of their works to a complement of three vocal parts, string orchestra and a set of African drums.


Currently, the team is focused on the live activities with 3D mapping and projections of VJ PUH, while preparing material for the second album and seekeng for a publisher.

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